Six mobile apps insurance agents need now

March 1, 2018 /

Insurance agents are always on-the-go. These mobile apps can help you turn prospects into customers, even while you’re out of the office.

As an insurance agent, you’re always on-the-go. You’re running from lunch with a client to a meeting with a prospect. You’re selling new policies, renewing expiring ones, and reaching out to prospects to turn them into customers. With a workday that sometimes feels like a marathon, you need more than just a bottomless cup of coffee to finish strong. You need an arsenal of mobile apps that will put you ahead of the competition – even while you’re drinking that bottomless cup of coffee at Starbucks. These six mobile apps for insurance agents will do just that. 


How It Works: A business card reader developed by LinkedIn, CardMunch automatically turns your business cards into address book contacts. After downloading the app, users can scan the business card, capture the information, and add it to their contacts. It also integrates with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, allowing you to easily view LinkedIn profile information for new contacts and connect with them.

Why Insurance Agents Love It: In an industry that’s all about relationship building, this app helps close the gap between a person you just met and a prospect you know well. It helps you get to know the person behind the sale, in order to turn them into a long-term, valued customer.


How It Works: Schedule and host meetings right from your iPhone or iPad using GoToMeeting’s mobile app. Invite guests via email or text message and – once they accept – host an impromptu meeting with all of the key decision makers. On an iPad, you’ll also have the ability to meet “face-to-face” (via video chat), as well as to present content using your mobile browser.

Why Insurance Agents Love It: You can talk to team members from your agency and make important decisions in real-time. No back-and-forth emails required.

Kelly Blue Book

How It Works: The Kelly Blue Book app allows users to determine the value of what a particular car is worth before making their decision to buy. It provides car pricing and information to help consumers make informed decisions when buying a car.

Why Insurance Agents Love It: Ensure that your customers have the coverage they need by better understanding the type of car they drive. You may also be able to find additional discounts that apply to them, based on security features of their car, like an alarm.


How it Works: If a prospect is ready to sign off on a policy you emailed them, SignNow makes it easy for them to do just that. Instead of having to print, sign, scan, upload, and email the document back to you, prospects can simply use the app to upload the PDF or Word Document, sign it with their finger and email it back.

Why Insurance Agents Love It: By simplifying the process of getting a prospect to sign-off on a policy, you’re one step closer to receiving your commission. You can also feel good about all of the trees you saved from skipping the “print” button.


How It Works: The QQCatalyst Web app is an innovative total agency management solution that is completely web-based, works on any device with a modern browser, including tablets such as the iPad, and more.

Why Insurance Agents Love It: You can manage clients’ records and insurance policies anytime, anywhere. By using the “Stack” feature, you can also save your work and resume it later – without skipping a beat – even when switching from a mobile device to a desktop computer. Upload photos to a client’s record right from your iPad.


How It Works: The easy-to-use QQMobile app provides secure remote access to QQEvolution 2, our widely used insurance agency management system. For those who already subscribe to QQEvolution 2 Platinum, you can securely log into the app using your Evolution administrator credentials. You’ll then have access to client records, policies, files, and reports – right from your mobile device.

Why Insurance Agents Love It: Let’s you stay connected to client data no matter where you are. You can lookup client records, policies, files, get reports, and more, across all of your agency’s offices.

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