Three reasons your agency needs TransactNOW

April 24, 2018 /

Written By: Keegan LaMar, Product Marketing Analyst

Doing business in real-time. We hear this phrase plenty in an industry that increasingly demands faster customer service. We know that for customers it means getting coverage quickly, receiving 24/7 customer service, and a fast resolution to claims. To achieve this level of customer service, you need to connect directly with carriers. The easiest way to do this is through TransactNOW®, which is FREE for all agencies! We sat down with the Director of Agency-Carrier Connectivity, Nellie Massoni to ask her some questions about the benefits this tool brings to agencies.

Can you tell us a little more about TNOW and what it does?

Of course! TransactNOW® enables you to securely connect to your carriers, process business with them, and service your customers in real time, right from your agency management system. This is essential for speeding up the activities you do every day, such as new business submissions & quotes, endorsements, billing, and claims. TransactNOW is also the conduit that enables real-time download transactions, such as eDocs and Messages, and Claims download!

What would you say are a few of the key reasons agencies should activate TNOW within their management system?

First and foremost, it standardizes how an agent interacts with their carrier. It eliminates re-entering data for tons of processes for both PL and CL and gives agents the ability to instantly sign on to carrier websites securely with the “carrier passport” feature. Also, getting information from a carrier through TransactNOW® is aggregated into one workflow rather than having to constantly download documents, enter data from paper mail, or receive business information from other methods.

Secondly, it saves your agency time. Time-consuming processes such as working with a carrier on a Book Roll, entering data multiple times for personal and commercial lines quoting, and customer service questions are now able to be done in a matter of a couple clicks. When a customer calls and needs an answer, there is no longer a need for a follow-up call with that information because the CSR can get proper information right on the spot within seconds, and spend more time having meaningful conversations with customers.

Finally, it’s FREE! All an agent has to do is download TransactNOW® and the user manual from and follow the quick setup instructions in order to get set up. Once an agent enters their carrier credentials to the software, it’s saved and secured with flexible management options. After that process is complete then an agency is ready to reap the benefits of real-time business with their carrier partners.

With a constantly growing network of carriers who use TransactNOW®, it’s more important now than ever for agents to embrace the benefits of this readily available technology. Find out more about how you can improve your client service and carrier partnerships by visiting the TransactNOW® product page or reach out to your account manager.