TransactNOW Connects Seamlessly for MGAs

May 27, 2020 /

By: Helene Kwong, Product Marketing Coordinator

Last month, Vertafore introduced a more streamlined process for MGAs to do business with their retail partners, improving agency retention and operational resiliency.

Traditionally, MGAs receive submissions from their retail agents through emails with ACORD forms and other unstructured data, which then need to be manually entered into the MGA’s system of record. Not only is this an unnecessary amount of manual data entry, but it’s time consuming for both the MGA and the agent.

Introducing TransactNOW’s connection into AIM

By connecting to agents through TransactNOW, the MGA makes it seamless and secure for retail agents to send policy data in a standardized workflow.

TransactNOW allows agents to take submission data directly from their AMS360 or Sagitta management system and send it to an MGA without rekeying or manual steps. On the MGA side, this information is received by the AIM system, eliminating the rekeying and manual steps for the MGA as well.

Through this latest integration, AIM users can now receive quotes and bridge with attachments from their retail agency partners via TransactNOW. There are both upload and download capabilities supported through the TransactNOW/AIM integration, and certain personal and commercial lines of businesses are currently supported by the management systems.

MGAs who do not have AIM can still connect with TransactNOW to receive the ACORD XML from their agents, which can be integrated into internal systems via webservices.

To learn more about how to get started with the TransactNOW and AIM integration, contact your Vertafore account manager today.