TransactNOW includes full modern browser support

September 29, 2021 /

Over the past year, many carriers have announced that they will no longer support Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, moving instead to more modern browsers such as Google Chrome and/or Microsoft Edge. During this time, the TransactNOW team has been working in conjunction with our carrier partners to modernize the TransactNOW experience offered to our mutual agents. While TransactNOW itself had previously supported additional browsers, individual transactions with select carrier partners could only be accessed within Internet Explorer.

TNOW Browser 2021

Thanks to carrier and agent feedback, we are happy to announce that as part of Vertafore’s focus on insurance agency modernization, TransactNOW now enables full carrier connectivity using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Since many agencies are focused on using Google Chrome and/or Microsoft Edge across all products that help them on a daily basis, the carrier connectivity updates within TransactNOW are a welcome change: agencies will no longer have to switch between browsers to get their work done within their agency management systems. This latest update further streamlines carrier-agency connectivity, allowing for all parties to perform their business functions in less time and provide a better overall customer experience.

Please note that agents must be using Vertafore Single Sign-On (VSSO)-enabled TransactNOW to benefit from Chrome and Edge compatibility. Agents using our Sagitta agency management system can now upgrade to VSSO-enabled TransactNOW as well.     

To learn more about TransactNOW’s browser compatibility and/or migrating to VSSO TransactNOW, please contact Vertafore Support today.