Unlock the best of InsurLink with the new UI

December 2, 2020 /

Every day, your clients are using services provided by companies like Uber, Amazon, and Netflix because they turn moments of daily life into simple, modern, and enjoyable experiences. The standard of digital self-service has been set by such companies, and clients expect unparalleled experiences in everything they do, from ordering a coffee to filing their taxes. That’s why when we announced InsurLink earlier this year, we included a new User Interface (UI).

The new InsurLink UI includes all the customization and branding options you know and love, but with the exceptional user experience your clients demand. With the new UI, your clients will find what they need faster, and have a more seamless and connected journey across the web and mobile application. Not only does the new UI answer the call to elevate the client digital experience, it also means new features can be built on better ground. Starting with InsurLink Payments, every new feature going forward will only be developed for the new UI. In order to get the full value from InsurLink it is important to switch to the new UI.

As of now, you have the option to use the original UI or the new InsurLink UI. To take advantage of all the new and upcoming features of InsurLink, we recommend you switch to the new UI. To switch to the new UI, simply navigate to your InsurLink Admin, and check the “Use InsurLink UI” box. Reference the image below. From there, you can continue to manage your branding and customization settings as normal.

Unlock the Best of InsurLink with the New UI


Here is a Did you know? video on the new UI. If you have any questions on how to turn on the new InsurLink UI, please contact Vertafore Customer Support.